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Project Update

6 January 2016

With massive thanks to the Earthcache Stats facebook group members, we've managed to fill our database with more Earthcache data. (mmmmm data...... and not the guy from Star Trek either!)

We think we have most "if not all" available Earthcaches in our database. We currently have approximately 23,490 Earthcaches loaded in and ready to start providing Earthcache stats!

Here's an interesting stat for you as a sneak preview.

Did you know that the Earthcache with the most favorite points AND the most found with a total of 954 favorites and 8,362 logged finds is:
The Cologne Cathedral - A Geological Point of View
in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany -


Website Launched

2 January 2016

A year after starting this project, we've finally made it though to the final stages so to speak! Our new website has been launched, and will act as the main point for your Earthcache stats!